Bismihi Ta’ala


ارتفع الدولار وغلت الأسعار لكن الرزق على الواحد القهار..

The dollar has risen and prices have become exorbitant, *but wealth is in the Hands of *The All Powerful One.*

قيل لبعض السلف :
” غلت اﻷسعار قال : أخفضوها بالاستغفار ”

It was said to a predecessor:
*Prices have risen.*

He replied:
*Bring them down with istighfaar (seeking forgiveness).*

وقيل ﻷعرابي : لقد اصبح رغيف الخبز بدينار فأجاب : والله ما همني ذلك ولو أصبحت حبة القمح بدينار ..أنا أعبد الله كما أمرني وهو يرزقني كما وعدني !!!

It was said to a village Arab: *Bread now costs a dinar!(gold coin)*

He said: *that is not important to me, even if a grain of wheat costs a dinar. *I worship Allah as He ordered me, and He will provide for me as He promised.*

وأتى الناس إلى سلمه بن دينار فقالوا له : يا أبا حازم أما ترى قد غلا السعر !!! فقال : ” وما يغمكم من ذلك ؟!! إن الذي يرزقنا في الرخص هو الذي يرزقنا في الغلاء .
Some people came to Salamah ibn Dinar and said to him:
*O Abu Haazim, do you not see how prices have risen?*

He replied: *and why does that worry you?*
*The One (Allah) who provides for us in easy times is the same One Who will provide for us in hard times.*

وقال رجل ﻷحد الصالحين : إن الخبز قد غلا ثمنه !!! فقال : والله لا ابالي لو اصبحت كل حبه بدينار فعلينا ان نعبد الله كما أمرنا وهو سيرزقنا كما وعدنا .

A man said to one of the pious people: *the price of bread has become expensive.*

He said: *by Allâh I don’t care even if a seed costs one dinar.*
*What is important is we* *worship* *Allâh as He ordered* *us and He* *will provide for us* *as He* *promised.*


*Wealth is in the Hands of The One Who Provides/Sustains*


Yusuf Jeena

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