Compiled by Riyaadh Laher and Mohammad Ashraf Patel

November 2018

6th Year

Jamiah Uloom

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Baab 1

Making tafseer of quran with one owns Rai

Hadith says the one who says wrt the quran with his own Raai, then , even if its correct, we say its wrong

So its not permissible, that the person speaks wrt the quran, except with that which he heard because the sahaba made tafseer but not everything that they say is what they heard from Rasulullah (SAW).

IF IT was the case, then what would be the purpose of the dua of Rasulullah (SAW) for the sahaba that Allah grants him the deep knowledge in deen and teaches him ta’weel.

So we can say that the prohibition has 2 aspects

1- the person gives his raai according to the inclination of his desires, and the second is that it gives a tafseer according to the apparent nature of the text,

2- do not interpret quran from our own side, speak with dalil.

Baab 2, Surah Fatiha

Hadith : one who performs salaah and did not read Surah fatiha , then its Khidaaj and not complete.

Khidaaj means deficient.

Ahnaf used this to prove that recitation of Surah fatiha is waajib and not fardh.

Imam Shaafi uses this hadith to prove that the muqtadis should read surah fatiha behind the imaam.

A person recites the first aayah, allah says, My servant has praised me

Second aayah- my servant has praised me

3rd aaah- my servant has honored me

4th aayah- Allah says its for him

and concluding verses= are for the servant and Allah says that for him is whatever he asks for in these verses. Guide us to the straight path etc.

When the term لا صلاة is used, it means نفي الكمال

حنيف-مائل عن كل الأديان إلا الإسلام

Baab 3 – Surah baqarah

Aayah 115= (fa ainama tuwallu fa thamma wajhuAllah)

hadith of aamir bin rabi’a = says that Rasulullah (SAW) on a journey, it was a very dark night, and we didn’t know which direction was qiblah so each person read according to his own.

In the morning we mentioned that to RA, and this aayah was revealed.

Aayah 115= (wa lillahi al mashriqu wal maghrib)

RA was on his conveyance performing nafl salaah facing whichever direction conveyance was going , on his way from makkah to madinah.

This aayah is mansukh/abrogated, but according to ahnaf and malikiyyah, in nafl salaah , a person is allowed to face the direction of the conveyance.

The verse that abrogated it, comes in ayyah 144 ( fa wali waj haka, shatara , al masjidil haram)

Aayah 125= (wattakhizhu min maqami ibrahima muswallah)

This is one of the incidences where aayah was revealed in conformity towards umar had said,

He told Rasulullah (SAW) should we perform salaah behind the maqaam.

Initially the maqaam e ibrahim was next to the kabah, thereafter umar moved it and thereafter marwaan bin hakam moved it to the place where it is today.

Ayyah 143= (litakunu shuhada…)

on day of qiyaamah, nuh AS will be brought and it will be said , did you convey the msg, he will say yes, his nation will then be called, and it will be said, did he convey the message to you, then they will say no warner has come to us. It will be said to Nuh A who is your witnesses, and he will say Mohammed SA and his ummah, and that’s why allah mentions this verse.

Ayaah 144= (qad narah taqalluba wajhika fis samaai)

When Rasulullah (SAW) came to madinah, he would perform salaah facing baitul maqdis, and this was for approx 15-17 months and Rasulullah (SAW) desired to ace the kaaba, therefore this verse was revealed.

He desired to face the kaaba coz it was the

  1. qibla of Ibrahim AS and

  2. it was the older of the 2 qiblahs,

  3. it was opposing the jews.

Proof that الخبر الواحد can be accepted as daleel.

Aayah 143= (wa maa kaana allahu liyudhia’ imaanakum)

This was revealed after the changing of the qiblah when the sahabah were concerned as to what will happen with the previous salaahs before the changing of the old qiblah.

The word imaan in this verse means salaah.

Ayaah 158 ( faman hajjal bayta au i’tamarah falaah junaaha alaihi)

Urwa said to Aysha RA, i don’t see anything wrong with the person who doesn’t make sa’ee and i don’t care that i also don’t do it.

Aysha says to him , how evil is that what you said , o my nephew, because Rasulullah (SAW) and muslims did Sa’ee. And those in jahiliyyah who used to make talbiyah of the idol manaat never used to make sa’ee, so Allah revealed this verse.

Ahnaf- Saee is wajib which necessitates damm if missed

Ahmed- its sunnah

Maalik and Shafi- its a rukan.

(innas safaa wal marwata min sha’a ir Allah)

There was idols by the names of isaaf and naailah placed on safaa and marwa, and those in jahiliyyah used to make sa’ee in between these two idols. So the ansaar said that we were commanded to make tawaaf but not commanded to make sa’ee because they felt that sa’ee was from the acts of jahiliyyah.. So Allah revealed this verse.

Ayyah 187 = (uhilla lakum laylatas siyaami arrafathu ilaa nisaaikum)

and Qais al Ansari Rasulullah (SAW) was fasting and the practice those days was that if a person falls off to sleep at night, then his fast will commence upon awakening.he was fasting and he fell off to sleep, so when his wife brought the food, he could not eat it because the fast will commence, so he said, what a great loss for u, so this ayaah was revealed.

Aayah 187 = (wa kulu washrabu hatta yatabayyana lakum alkhaytul abyadh min alkhaytil aswad)

RA was asked regarding saum and he said this verse. So Aadi bin haatim used to take 2 strings and look at them until he could distinguish between the two, then Allah has revealed the second part of the verse (min al Fajr)

Aayah 195 ( wa an fiku fi sabilillahi wa laa tulqu bi aydikum ilaa attuhlaka.)

A sahabi narrates they were in the city of rome, and a large army was coming towards a man from the muslims went to the roman front and entered upon them and ppl screamed..SUBHANALLAH , he has thrown themselves into destruction.

Abu ayub says this interpretation is incorrect because it was revealed regarding a group of ansaar. They said, indeed our wealth has been destroyed, whereas Allah honoured islam and gave many helpers, if only we could re-compensate from our wealth which was lost.

So Allah revealed this verse against the statement of theirs

Aayah 196= (whoever is sick or has something harmful in his hair, then the fidya is fasting or charity or sacrifice.)

So sahabi kaab bin ujrah says that we were in hudaibiyah with Rasulullah (SAW) and we were in ihram and the mushrikeen prevented us, my hair was still by my ears, and lous were falling from my face and Rasulullah (SAW) passed me and said perhaps these creatures are harming your head.

I said yes, so he said SHAVE it.however kaffarah has to be given in a case of this.

Fasting is 3 days, Feeding is for 6 poor people and Sacrifice is a sheep or more.

Hadith number 2995 has no apparent link to be placed here, but the reason it is here is due to the ayah فلا رفث و لا فسوق و لا جدال في الحج

Aayah 222= (and they ask you regarding the menstruating women, say its fardh)

The yahud, distance themself from a woman who is menstruating in such a way that they dont eat , drink and live with her under same roof. Rasulullah (SAW) was asked regarding this and this verse was revealed.

Aayah 223= (your woman are a land for you so plant in them from wherever you wish)

The yahud used to say that when a person has intercourse with wife from behind, then the child will be born squint.

This was revealed to show that this was not the case.

Aayah 232 (wa izha tallaqtum alnisaa fa balaghna ajalahunna)

So ma’qil (RA) married his sister off so this person divorced her and did not take her back until her iddah was complete. He loved her and she loved him, then he proposed to her and makil saهd that i honored u, i married her to u n u divorced her. By Allah she will never come back to u.

He said that Allah Knew their need for each other, and revealed this verse.

When Ma’qil heard of this verse he listened and obeyed anي married his sister to this person.

Aayah 232= (falaa ta’dhulu hunnaa anyahkinna az waajahunna)

This was revealed with rt the same incident mentioned above,

Aayah 238= ( waqumu) and stand for Allah devotedly.

Hazrat zaid says that we used to speak in salaah then we were commanded by this verse to remain silent in salaah.

Verse 267=

Ashabus sufaa didn’t have any food , when one of them were hungry, they would come with a branch and hit a date palm and dry and wet dates would fall and he would eat it. And there were those who didn’t desire good and the men used to come with a branch of low quality branch from a broken branch and they used to hang it.

Aayah 284=

when this was revealed, sahaba became worried that they would be taken to task for any ill thoughts or feelings, they then mentioned it to Rasulullah (SAW) and he told them to say that we listen and obey to Allah placed imaan in the depth of their hearts, and then Allah reveled ayaah 286 to clarify the matter.

Baab 4 – Al imraan.

Ayaah 88 (indeed those who purchase in lieu of their promise with allah and their imaan, a small price)

AshA’th bin qays says this was revealed regarding him because there was a dispute wrt a land between him and a jew, and Rasulullah (SAW) said to him, do you have proof. He said no, and Rasulullah (SAW) said to the Jew, take an oath,

Asha’th said O Rasulullah (SAW) in that case he will take an oath and my wealth will go with him, and this was revealed.

Aayah 128

RA incisor broke on the day of uhud and his face was wounded until blood flowed from his face and he said… How can such a nation can do this to their nabi whilst he’s calling them to Allah do such a thing.. This verse was then revealed to show that the matter is in hand of Allah.

Ayaah – (wa maa kaana li nabiyyin ay yaghulla)

This was revealed regarding a red cloth which went missing on day of badr, some ppl say perhaps Rasulullah (SAW) took it.

Aayah 169

RA said to jaabir , why are you so down.

So he said my father was martyred and he left behind subordinates and a debt.

RA then said shall i not give u glad tidings with the condition that ur father has met allah, he said indeed, that Allah does not speak to anyone except behind a veil and he has given your father life and he speaks to him face to face, and allah says, O my servant, express your wishes to me and i will give you.

Your father said, O Allah restore me to the world so that i may be killed a second time. Allah will respond that the decision has already been made and none shall return, and this verse was revealed.

Baab 5- Surah Nisaa

Ayaah 11-

Jaabir says that i was sick and Rasulullah (SAW) came to visit me, and I fell unconscious, when i became sober, he said what should i do with my wealth, so Rasulullah (SAW) remained silent , then this verse was revealed.

Ayaah- (wal muhsanaatu min an nisaai illaa maa malakat aymanukum.

Abu sa’eed al khudri Rasulullah (SAW) says when it was the days of awtas, we received a woman of the mushrikeen, but the men were hesitant to marry them so Allah revealed this aayah

Aaya 35

Ummu salamah asked wrt verses commanding men (only, due to the masculine scale of the word use) then this aayah was revealed,

Aayah 195

Same reason as above

Aayah 43

Ali said, Abdurrahman bin auf, prepared food for us and he called us and he gave us khamar to drink which then intoxicated us, and when time of salaah came, i recited surah kafiroon wrong, so Allah revealed this verse.

I worship what u worship…so don’t come to salaah whilst intoxicated.

Ayaah 65

A man from Ansaar had a dispute with Zubair Rasulullah (SAW) wrt a stream which they used to irrigate the date farms, so ansaar said to leave the water to flow, but he refused, so they took the matter to RA, so Rasulullah (SAW) said let the water flow to your neighbor,

Ansari said ‘just because he’s your cousin’,

RA face changed and he said O zubair hold back the water until it does not reach the walls.

Then Zubair said ‘ i think that this verse was revealed regarding this incident.

Ayaah 88

Sahaba returned on day of uhud, and they were two groups among them, one was saying kill them, other was saying no. so ayaah was revealed.

Aayah 94

A man from banu sulaym tribe passed by a group of sahaba and he had a sheep with him and he greeted them, they said that he didn’t mae salaam to them except for safety, so they killed him and took his sheep and they came to Rasulullah (SAW) and this verse was revealed.

Aayah 95

Sahal said that he saw marwan bin hakam in the masjid, so i sat next to him and he informed us that zaid informed him tat Rasulullah (SAW) dictated to him the verse “those who stay back from the believers and the mujahideen who go in the path of allah are not equal.

He said umme maktoum came to him and he said, O messenger of Allah, if i was able to fight, i would have fought, but i’m blind, s this ayaah was revealed.

Aayah 105 to 116.= will come back to it

Aayah 123, this was revealed when Rasulullah (SAW) in the presence of AB

Aayah 128

Saudah was scared that Rasulullah (SAW) would divorce her so she said, “ don’t divorce me, keep me and even give my chance to aysha, so Rasulullah (SAW) did so and this aayah was revealed.

Baab 6 Maidah

Ayaah 3

A jewish man said to umar , if only this verse was revealed to us, we would have taken the day as festival. Umar said, i’m the most knowledgeable on which day and where it was revealed, on friday at Arafah.

Ayaah 67

RA used to have body guards until this ayaah was revealed , then Rasulullah (SAW) told them that they can go for indeed allah will protect him

Ayaah 87-88

A man came to Rasulullah (SAW) and said that indeed, when i eat meat, i become hot and my desires overtake me so i made meat haraam for me.

Ayaah 93 (there’s no sin upon u)

Some sahaba passed away before liquor was prohibited when it eventually was prohibited, some people asked to those before, so this ayaah was revealed.

Aayah 101

When the verse 97 of alimraan was revealed, that for Allah upon mankind is hajj (for those who are capable), sahaba asked Rasulullah (SAW) if its for every year. He kept quiet, they asked a second time,..if he would have said yes, it would become fardh, this verse 101 was revealed that we shouldn’t ask that does not concern us.

Aayah 106 to 108,

A man from banu saham left with tamim and a’di (RA), this person died and he wasn’t a muslim.

When they came with his inheritance, they lost a jug of silver.

So Rasulullah (SAW) sought an oath from them , later this jug was found in makkah, it was then said by some ppl that we bought it from tamim and a’di, and 2 men from amongst the heirs stood up and took an oath and gave witness that the jug was for the deceased, and this aayah was then revealed..

Baab 7- surah an aam

Aayah 33-

Abu jahal said to Rasulullah (SAW) we do not bely u, but we bely that which you came with.. So Allah revealed the verse..

Ayaah 118-121

A group of ppl came to Rasulullah (SAW) and said, should we eat that which we killed and not eat that which Allah has killed (carrion)..these verses were then revealed

Baab 8-

Surah a’raaf

No sababun nuzool

Baab 9, surah anfal

Aayah 1

Sa’ad said that on day of badr he came with his sword and he said , o Rasulullah (SAW) indeed Allah has cured my heart, from the mushrikeen, give me the sword so Rasulullah (SAW) said , this is not mines and its not for u, he then said perhaps it will be given to someone who may not make correct use of it.

RA came to him then said, you were asking me, whereas it is not mines, but indeed it has become mines, and now its for u.

Aayah 9

RA at battle of badr made a dua against the enemy and whilst he was crying in dua, Abu Bakr came to him , took s shawl and placed it over his shoulders and then he held him from behind, and he said, oh messenger of Allah, Allah is sufficient for you, he’s witness to you , and Allah revealed this verse.

Ayaah 68

RA said , the wealth of booty/spoils of war is not permissible for those before u , those days the spoils of war were placed on a mountain, and if the fire consumed it, then it was a sign of acceptance., thereafter it became permissible .

When it was the day of badr, they started taking from the booty and this was before the permissibility, then the aayah was revealed that it was permissible.

Baab 10 surah taubah

When abdullah bin ubay bin salul died, Rasulullah (SAW) sought forgiveness on his behalf, performed janaazah on him, and stood at his qabr, then Allah revealed this verse…

When his son came, he asked Rasulullah (SAW) for his camis to be used for his father kafn and to perform the janazah salaah and to seek forgiveness for him. Rasulullah (SAW) gave the kamis and when he wanted to start the janaazah, Umar jumped and said, did Allah not forbid u to perform janazah on the munafiqeen, Rasulullah (SAW) said, i have 2 options

“ seek forgiveness for them or don’t seek forgiveness for them”, then he performed salaah, then Allah revealed this verse.

Aayah 107

Was revealed regarding the people of Quba, they used to make istinja with stones and water..

“ Amongst the muslims are those who purify themselves, and Allah loves those who takes caution in purification”

Ayaah 113.

Ali says , I heard a man seeking forgiveness for his mushrik parents, i said to him…” are you seeking forgiveness for them whilst they are mushriks?”

This person then said, that Ibrahim AS sought forgiveness for hi father who was a mushrik. This incident was mentioned to RA, then the verse was revealed.

Baab 11 , surah Yunus

No sabab nuzool

Baab 12- Surah hud

Aayah 105

Aayah 114

A man came to Rasulullah (SAW) and said, what u think of a man who has a relationship with a strange woman, but does not have intercourse with her…this person kissed this woman and wanted to know what would expiate it…good deeds wipe away ur sins..

Baab 13 Surah yusuf

Baab 14 Surah Ra’d

No Sabab nuzool

Baab 15- Surah Ibrahim

No sabab nuzool

Baab 16- Surah hijr

Ayaah 64

A woman used to perform salaah at the back of the congregation of RA, so some men would rush to first saf so they don’t see her, and some would be in last saf when they would go into ruku, they would look under their arms, so this verse was revealed..

Baab 17 Surah Nahl

Aayah 126=

on the day of uhud, 64 ansaar were martyred, and 6 muhajireen, hamzah body was mutilated, ansar then said, if u get a chance like this, we would mutilate them… we would do the same..on conquest of makkah, allah then revealed this verse.

Baab 18 – Surah bani israil

Ayaah 80

RA was in Makkah ad he was commanded to make Hijrah by this verse

Ayah 85

Quraish said to the Yahud, give us something that we can ask from this man, so they said, ask him regarding the soul. When they asked RA, Allah revealed this verse.

They said we were given great knowledge, we were given the Torah, and whomever has been given the Torah has been given good and great knowledge.. So Ayaah 109 of Surah Kahf was then revealed.

Aayah 110

Revealed in Makkah when Rasulullah (SAW) used to raise his voice whilst reciting the Quran and the mushrikeen used to sear at him and to the one who revealed to him and the one who brought the revelation to him. Rasulullah (SAW) was also commanded not to raise his voice so that his companions may take from him the Quran.

This Aayah was revealed when Rasulullah (SAW) was in the house of Arqam.

Baab 19- Surah Kahf

RA said that Musa AS stood up to address the Bani Israeel and he was asked which of the ppl are most knowledgeable.. He said I am most knowledgeable, so Allah reprimanded him, and the incident of Musa and Khidr/Khadir and this is also Ta’lim for our ummah.

Baab 20- Surah Maryam

Aayaah 39- and warn them of the day of regret

RA recited this verse and then he said that death will be given the form of a sheep ad it will come to the wall between Jannah and jahannam and it will be said” o people of jannah,

The same will be said to the people of jahannam, and they will also look up and it will be said, do you know what is this, they will say yes, this is death and it will be laid down and slaughtered, and that from now on , in an everlasting life of goodness for the people of jannah and torment for the people of jahannam.

Aayah 57-

RA said” when i was taken to the heavens, i saw Idriss AS in the 4th heaven,

Aayah 64

RA said to Jibril “ what prevents you from visiting us like how you used to visit us so often, so this aayah was revealed that Jibril AS only comes down by the command of Allah.

Aayah 88

Khabbab said i came to ask Aas bin Whaail with regards to a right which was for me by him.. And he said, i will not fulfill your right until you disbelieve in Muhammad.. He said “never not until he dies and not even until he’s resurrected”

Aas said “ will I die and be resurrected”

Khabaab responds “ yes

Aas says, I have wealth and children, then this aayah was revealed with regard to resuccecrt

Baab 21- Surah Taha

RA went to khaibar, he marched on night until his ears could hear everything around, he then kneeled his camel and setup camp, and said, O Bilal, be a guard for us tonight, so Bilal performed and he reclined on his conveyance and faced where the sun would rise, however, he fell asleep and non of the sahaba woke up for fajr until Rasulullah (SAW) woke up/opened his eyes and said, O bilal!

Bilal said, o Messenger of ALlah, the same being who captured your soul has captured mines.

Then they performed and Rasulullah (SAW) said this aayah.

Baab 22- Surah Anbiya

Aayah 63,

RA explains the white lies which were told by Ibrahim AS and one of them is this aayah

Aayah 104

RA stood up to lecture and he said, o ppl , you will be resurrected naked and barefooted, then he recited this verse.

The first to be clothed on DoQ will be Ibrahim AS and the ppl of my ummah be brought and i will say O allah, my companions.

Then i will say what Isaa As said as mentioned in verse 118

Baab 23 – Surah Hajj

Aayah 1 & 2

When these 2 verses were revealed, Rasulullah (SAW) said it was revealed whilst he was on a journey and he asked do you know which day is this, and said it is the day Allah created Adam,

RA raised his voice, reciting these two ayats,

Aayah 39

When Rasulullah (SAW) was driven out from Makah, Abu Bakr said “they’ve banished their nabi and they will be destroyed…and Allah revealed this verse.

And A Bakr said, i knew soonest will be commanded to fight them

Baab 24

Surah muminoon

Aayah 1-10

RA said 10 aayaat were revealed to me and the one who practices upon these will enter jannah , then he recited these 10 verses which contained the qualities which a believer should posses.

Aayah 60

Aysha (RA) asked Rasulullah (SAW) regarding this verse that is it referring to those who drink liquor and steal.
RA said, rather it is regarding those who fast , perform salaah, give charity and fear that it won’t accepted from them.

Baab 25, Surah nur

Aayah 3

There was a lady in Makkah who was a prostitute and she was friends with a man from the captives. One day this man came to one of the corners of makkah and she saw him.

She asked him ‘is that you?’, he said yes.. She told him welcome, and then he said, Allah has prohibited Zinna.

Some ppl were spreading rumours and he liked her , he asked Rasulullah (SAW) if he could marry her.. Rasulullah (SAW) remained silent until this verse was revealed. And then advised him not to marry her.

Aayah 6

A person came to Rasulullah (SAW) and said what do you think if one us seen a woman committing an immoral act, then what shall we do? Because if he speaks, he’ll be testifying to a serious matter and if he keeps quiet, he will remain silent from a very serious matter.

RA did not respond, afterwards he came back to Rasulullah (SAW) and he said…that i’ve asked you wrt this, and now i’ve been tested with it.. So Allah revealed this verse. Then Lia’n took place.

Aayah 22

Revealed regarding Abu Bakr (RA), when he took an oath not to spend on Mistah (his family member), after he has accused Aysha (RA) and this is the incident of Ifk. So Allah told him to forgive and forget, don’t you love that Allah forgives you.

There are 18 verses in this surah regarding the innocence of Aysha Rasulullah (SAW) after the incidence of Ifk.

Baab 26, Surah Furqan

Aayah 69

Abdullah (RA) asked Rasulullah (SAW) which sin is the worst? He said , to make shirk with Allah whilst he has created you, and to kill your child out of fear of poverty and to commit zina with the neighbours wife. Rasulullah (SAW) recited this verse

Baab 27- Surah Shu A’ra

When verse 214 was revealed, Rasulullah (SAW) said..O Safiyya the daughter of Abdul Muttalib, O Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad Of Banu Abdul Muttalib, i do not owm for you anything from Allah, ask of my wealth as you wish.

Also when this verse was revealed, Rasulullah (SAW) placed his fingers in his ears saying , O banu Abd manaf.

Baab 28- Surah Naml

RA explains that one of the signs of Qiyamah is that the beast will be unleashed having with it the ring of Sulaiman AS and the staff of Musa AS and it will stamp the noses of the kuffar and mark the believers.

Baab 29- Surah Qasas

Verse 56

RA said to his uncle , say the kalima so that I may testify for you on DoQ. His uncle said , but the quraish will swear me.

Baab 30- Surah Ankaboot

Saad (RA) said that 4 verses were revealed regarding me and he mentioned the incident, and his mother who was a kaafirah said , Di Allah not command you with righteousness? By Allah, i will not eat and I will not drink until i die or u reject Rasulullah (SAW). He said when they wanted to feed her, they would force her mouth open, then this verse was revealed.

Baab 31- Surah Rum

Aayah 1-5

When it was the day if badr, the romans defeated the persians and the must were amazed and these verses were revealed. Subsequently Abu bakr went out raising his voice in the streets of makkah , some ppl from the quraish said to him that is between us and you , your companion is claiming that the romans will defeat the persians in a few years, should we not bet on that? He agreed and this was before the prohibition of betting.

Baab 32, Surah Luqman

Aayah 6

RA said dont buy female singers and don’t sell them and don’t teach them. There’s no good in trading them, and the income from selling is Haraam, Aayah was revealed

Baab 33 , Surah Alif Laam Meem Sajdah

Aayah 16

This was revealed with regards to waiting for Isha Salaat.

Aayah 17

Nabi (SAW) said that Allah said , but he has prepared for his pious servants what which no eye has seen, no ear has heard of and mind has thought of, and this is affirmed in this verse.

Baab 34- Surah Ahzaab

Aayah 5

Ibn umar says that we used to call Zaid bin Haritha the son of Rasulullah (SAW) (Zaid bin Muhammad)

Until this verse was revealed.


One day Rasulullah (SAW) was performing salaah and his mind drifted and one of the munafiqeen said that he has two hearts, a heart with u and a heart with them.. And Allah revealed this verse.

Aayah 23-

At Uhud, a sahabi was killed and the body could not be identified, and this aayah was revealed.

This sahabi was afflicted with approximately 80 wounds

Aayah 28-

When Rasulullah (SAW) was commanded to give his wives a choice, Aysha became scared that Rasulullah (SAW) would divorce her, and he told her to consult her parents.then he quoted this verse/aayah..

Aayah 33-

When this verse was revealed, it was in the house of Ummu salamah, and Rasulullah (SAW) called Fatimah Rasulullah (SAW) and Hassan and Hussain (RA) and Ali was behind him , he covered them with a cloth and made a dua, ummu salamah was not under the cloth because she was a stranger to Ali (RA) however she was indirectly included as well.

Aayah 35-

Ummu Umarah said that she came to Rasulullah (SAW) and said, everything is revealed for the men, is there anything revealed for woman? What’s revealed?

Aayah 37-

This aayah was revealed regarding Rasulullah (SAW) marrying the ex wife of his adopted son, Zaid (RA).Allah tells Rasulullah (SAW) that he should not worry about that the ppl have to say because ALlah is never shy about what they have to say.

Aayah 53-

RA made Bina with zainab bint Jahsh and he sent Anas (RA) to call ppl for a daawat so that they ate and they left..RA stood up going to direction of the house of Aysha . He saw two men sitting, then they left, Alla revealed this aayah.

Don’t enter a house of Rasulullah (SAW) except with permission and don’t wait for food if you are called to eat.

Baab 35– Surah Saba

No sabaab nuzool

Baab 36- Surah malaaikah/Fatir

Ayah 32

RA said regarding this aayah that all these people referred to in this vers are on one level and all of them are in jannah.

Baab 37- Surah Yaaseen

Aayah 12

Banu salamah used to be in the streets of madinah, living a bit far and intended to move close to the masjid and this aayah was revealed that their footsteps are recorded and are rewarded for so the more the better and that the should not move.

Baab 38

Surah saffat.

Ayyah 24-25

RA said no caller will call to anything except that he will be standing still on DoQ even if a man calls another man, then he recited those verses.

Aayah 88

RA said wrt this verse that it is the sons of Nuh (AS),

They are




Baab 39- Surah Swad

Ibn Abbas says that Abu Talib became sick and the Quraish came to him and Rasulullah (SAW) came to him, there was a majlis around him and Abu Jahal stood up to prevent Rasulullah (SAW). Quraish then complained to Abu Talib about Rasulullah (SAW) asking what does he want.. Rasulullah (SAW) replied, I want from them a word that the arabs will become humble by means of it and the non arabs will pay them jizyah. Abu talib said, “just one word”…O my uncle, say there’s no Deity except Allah (kalima), they said “one God”.. then they quoted what’s mentioned in verse 7.

Baab 40- Surah Zumar

Aayah 31-

when this verse was revealed, Zubair said, will the dispute after that which has occured between us in the dunya, occur again?

RA said yes. He then said “then the matter is very severe.”

Aayah 67-

A jewish man came to Rasulullah (SAW) and then said

Allah holds the heavens in his fingers and the mountains in his fingers, and the earths in his fingers, and all the creation in his fingers.Then he said, I am the king, Rasulullah (SAW) smiled and recited this verse.

Aayah 72-

A caller will call out on DoQ, you have been given life and you will never die. You will be happy forever or you will be beaten forever,and this verse is regarding that.

Aayah 67-

Ibn Abbas asked “ do you know what’s the vastness of Jahannam”? And this verse keeps the answer to that as he had heard from Aysha who asked Rasulullah (SAW) about the verse.

Baab 41- Surah Ghafir

Aayah 60

RA said Dua is the core of the ibaadah, then he recited this verse.

Baab 42- Hamim Sajdah/Fussilat

Ayaah 22

Ibn masud says, 3 ppl had a dispute,

one of them said, “do you think Allah hears what you say”

2nd person “he hears us only when we speak loud”

3rd person “ if he hears us when we speak loud, then he hears us when we speak soft”

This verse was revealed.

Baab 43, Surah Shura

Ayaah 23

Ibn Abbas was asked wrt this verse, sa’id bin Jubair said , it is a close relatives of Rasulullah (SAW). referred to in the verse, ibn Abbas said, do you know that Nabi (SAW) had a very close relationship with the Quraish), Rasulullah (SAW) said, except that you joined between me and you relations.

Ayaha 30

RA said, a calamity will not befall a person except due to his sin and the calamity will be proportionate to the sin but Allah’s pardon is much greater than it.

Baab 44- Surah zukhruf

No sabab nuzool

Baab 45- Surah Dukhan

Ayaah 10 & 11

This happened due to the curse of Rasulullah (SAW) on certain ppl, Assist me against them, 7 of Yusuf. Drought took them and smoke came from the ground. Ayaah refers to this.

Ayaah 29

Makes reference to the statement of Rasulullah (SAW) that a believer has two doors

1- does any deed, then its raised to the heavens

2- and his rizq comes down.

When he dies these two doors cry

Baab 46- Surah Ahqaf

Ayah 10

Abdullah bin salaam told the people of what his name was before and then Rasulullah (SAW) renamed him,

This verse was revealed with regards to him.

Baab 47- Surah Muhammad

Aayah 19

RA said that he seeks forgiveness 70x a day

Aayah 38

They asked regarding this verse, who will they be substituted with.

RA struck the shoulder of Salmaan and then said, this “person and his nation”

Baab 48- Surah Fath

Aayah 1

RA told Umar that last night, his surah was revealed to me which is very beloved to me. In the same verse, a reference was made to hudaibiyah.

Aayah 24

80 ppl, came down to RA, while the was with the sahaba at the mountain of tan’eem at the time of Fajr salaah intending to kill him and they were seized and Rasulullah (SAW) later freed them.This this surah was revealed

Baab 49, surah Hujurat

Ayaat 2

Abu Bakr and Umar were disputing then this verse was revealed. after this Umar used to speak softly in presence of RA

Ayaah 11

There was a man from us who had 2 or 3 names and he used to dislike some of these names that they used to call him, so this verse was revealed.

Baab 50- Surah Qaf

Aayah 30

Jahannam will keep asking for more

Baab 51- Surah Zariyat

No sabab nuzool

Baab 52- Surah tur

Aayah 49

End of the verse refers to the 2 rakaat sunnah of fajr,

Ayaah 40

End of this verse refers to the 2 sunnahs after maghrib,

Baab 53- Surah Najm

Ayaah 16=

Makes reference to the sidrah which is the 6th heaven

Ayaah 9=

Ibn masud says that Rasulullah (SAW) saw Jubril with his 600 pairs of wings.

Aayah 18

There is a difference of opinion between Aysha Rasulullah (SAW) and ibn Abbas on whether this verse to Rasulullah (SAW) seeing Jibril in his original form or seeing Allah.

Ibn Abbas says that Rasulullah (SAW) saw Allah as indicated in surah an’am, verse 103

Baab 54- Surah Qamar

People of makkah asked Rasulullah (SAW) for a sign, he split the moon twice in Makkah, and these verses were revealed , (Ayaah 1 to 2)

Aayah 48 -49

Mushrikeen of the Quraish were arguing with Rasulullah (SAW) regarding qadr, then this verse was revealed.

Baab 55- Surah Rahman

Everytime i recited

On Laylatul Jinn, the jinn was saying.

Oh Allah, all praises was due to you,

And we do not bely any bounty of yours.

Baab 56- Surah Waqiah

Baab 57- Surah Hadid

Aayah 3

Regarding the 7 heavens and the 7 earths , Rasulullah (SAW) informed then that all of this is in the knowledge of Allah,

Baab 58- Surah Mujadilah

This surah was revealed regarding khawla; bint Tha’labah

Aayah 12

On this aayah was revealed

RA said to Ali, “dinars?”

Ali: Ppl are not capable of this.

RA:half a dinar?

Ali: Ppl are not capable of this.

RA asked how much,

Ali now responds, he said Sha’irah (wheat)

RA responds: are you a person that owns little.

Verse 13 was then revealed

Is it difficult for you to bring something to RA?

Baab 59- Surah Hashr

Aayah 5

Revealed when Rasulullah (SAW) burnt the date palms of banu nadhir.

Aayah 9

An Ansari had a guest was spending the night with him but he did not have anything except for himself and his children, so he said to his wife , put the children to sleep and put off the lantern, and bring for my guest whatever u have… then this verse was revealed, that they give preference to others over themselves.

Baab 60 Surah mumtahina

This surah was revealed when Rasulullah (SAW) said that he witnessed badr and Allah said to the participant of badr “ do as you wish, for I have already forgiven u.

Baab 61, surah Saf.

Aayah 2

Abdullah bin salaam says that they were in a group reminding each other and they said if only we knew what is the most beloved action to Allah, so we may practise on it, then this verse was revealed.

Baab 62- Surah jumma

Ayaah 11

Whilst Rasulullah (SAW) give the jummah khutbah, then the ppl would disperse when the caravan of madinah used to come, so this aayah was revealed.

Baab 63- Surah Munafiqoon

Aayah 1

RA sent to Abdullah bin Ubayy bin Sulool and his companions , they took oaths on what they said, and they belied Zaid (RA) and he was so disappointed so he sat in his house and he said that he do not want except that Rasulullah (SAW) belies him and hates him, so this aayah was revealed. And Rasulullah (SAW) affirmed what Zaid said.

Ayaah 7&8

These are the words that was said by Abdullah bin Ubayy bin Sulool .

Ayyah 8

This was revealed wrt the battle of Tabuk in 9AH,

Ayaah 9-11

Ibn Abbas (RA) said the one who has wealth enough for Hajj and he doesn’t perform it, or enough for zakat to become waajib and he doesnt pay it, then he will ask at the time of death to be returned. A man told Ibn Abbas, fear Allah because only the Kuffar will asked to be returned, so he recited these verses.

Baab 64- Surah Taghabun

Ayaah 14

Ibn Abbas , a man asked him regarding this aayah, he said this is regards to men of makkah who accepted islam and intended to come to Rasulullah (SAW) but their wives and children refused so when they eventually came to RA, they saw ppl deeply grounded in deeni knowledge so Allah revealed this verse.

Baab 65- Surah Tahrim

Aayah 4

This was with regards to the incident whereby the wives of Rasulullah (SAW) had given him Maghafir to drink, so that some of the other wives may be put off.

Baab 66- Surah Qalam

No Sababun Nuzool

Baab 67

No Sababun Nuzool

Baab 68

No Sababun Nuzool

Baab 69 – Surah Jinn?

Aayah 1 & 2

The jinn used to receive information from the heavens but they found that it was being blocked. They then came towards Tihama where Rasulullah (SAW) was performing fajr salaah with his companions, then they heard the Quran, and they said this is what’s obstructing us. Then they returned back to the rest of the jinn and they said these verses in amazement.

Baab 70- Surah Muddathir

Ayah 1- 5

Jaabit Rasulullah (SAW) says that he heard Rasulullah (SAW) speaking about period when he did not receive any wahi and in this narration he said whilst i was walking, i heard a voice coming from the skies so I lifted my head, and suddenly was an angel the same angel which came to me in the cave of Hira and he was sitting on a chair which was the size of the space between the heavens and the earth, so i became fearful and I returned home and said cover me! Cover me! And Allah revealed these verses before the compulsion of Salaah.

Baab 71- Surah Qiyamah

Ayaah 22-23

The most honored of the people of Jannah are those who look towards Allah and Rasulullah (SAW) was informed of this , he recited these two aayahs

Baab 72- Surah Abasa

Aayah 1

The first verse was revealed regarding ibnu Ummi Maktum.he came to Rasulullah (SAW) and asked for advice whilst Rasulullah (SAW) was speaking to one of the big leaders of the mushrikeen. So Rasulullah (SAW) turned away from him and he told him .” do you not see that i’m busy?” then Allah revealed this verse

Baab 73- Surah- Surah Kuwirat

The one who it will make him happy to see Allah on Day of Qiyamah with naked eye, then he should read 3 Surahs and this is one of them

Baab 74- Surah Mutaffifin

No Sababun Nuzool

Baab 75- Surah Inshiqaq

Ayaah 7 -8

The one whose book of deeds will be scrutinized, he will be destroyed, Rasulullah (SAW) said this to Aysha (RA) then she responded , “Did Allah not say what is mentioned in these two verses?”

Baab 76- Surah Burooj

Aayah 4-8


Baab 77-Surah Ghashiyah

Aayah 21-22

RA said i’ve been commanded to fight people until they recite the kalima, once they recite it, then their blood and their wealth are safe from me except in regards to the right of Sharia’ and others and their account is with Allah, then he recited these two verses.

Baab 78- Surah Fajr

No Sababun Nuzool

Baab 79- Surah Duha

Ayaah 12

RA one day was mentioning a camel and the one who slaughters it and he mentioned these words.

Baab 80- Surah wal Layli


Ali (RA) says they were at a janazah in Baqi so Rasulullah (SAW) came and they all sat down and he planted a stick in the ground and he raised his head towards the skies and he said that no souls has been given life except that his entry has been written. So Ali (RA) asked should they not rely on their book of deeds because person of Jannah will do the actions of Jannah and vice versa.

RA said do good actions because it’s all easy for indeed a person of Jannah will be made easy for him the actions which will lead him to Jannah. Then he recited these verses

Ayaah 3

RA at one battle, his finger began bleeding and he said you are only a finger thats bleeding and in the path of Allah is that which you meet.

Jibril AS postponed his visit to Rasulullah (SAW) and the mushrikoon said that Muhammad has been bidded farewell to (passed away)

Baab 82

Baab 83- Surah tin

One who recited this surah and its last verse and he should say indeed and i’m also from those who testify to this

Baab 84

Surah Alaq

Ayaah 17-18

RA was performing salaah , Abu Jahal came and he said , did i not stop you from this. So Rasulullah (SAW) turned around and Abu Jahl said, you know that no one will stop you more than me.. So Allah revealed this Aayah.

Baab 85- Surah Qadr

Baab 86- Surah Bayyinah,

Khairul bariyyah refers to Ibrahim (AS)

Baab 87- Surah Zilzal

RA said that the news , the earth will let out is that it will testify to every person actions on the surface of the earth.. And he will inform on which day it was done.

Baab 88- Surah Takathur

Ali (RA) we continue to doubt the punishment of the grave until this surah was revealed.

Baab 89- Surah Kauthar

RA said a Kauthar is a river in Jannah

Baab 90 – Surah Fath

This surah came to inform about the demise of Rasulullah (SAW) which was about to come.

Baab 91- Surah lahab

RA one day ascended Safaa and he called out

“ the enemies are taking us”

So the Quraish gathered and he said to them… I’m here to warn you of a severe punishment.

Would you believe me if I told u that the enemy is attacking in the morning and evening.

Abu lahab said “woe to you! Did you call us for this?” and Allah revealed this surah Ikhlas

Baab 92- Surah Ikhlas

The mushrikeen asked Rasulullah (SAW) to give them the lineage of Allah , and Allah revealed this surah.

Baab 93- Surah Falaq and naas

RA said Allah revealed these 10 verses and the like of it has never been seen, these were also revealed for Rasulullah (SAW) to recite so that each knot was untied on the hair of Rasulullah (SAW) which was by a woman that did black magic on Rasulullah (SAW).

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