Mohammad Ashraf Patel
CEO at
Johannesburg Area, South Africa | Telecommunications

In ICT since Atari [1992], to the latest in technology. Current Linux OS, and infrastructure development for ISPs such as VoIP Softswitch, Radius, Accounting/Billing and Real-Time VoIP Anti-Hack Solutions.

Offering what the client wants at a sustainable price with comprehensive support is key to any successful business.

Specialties: Finding opportunities and establishing start-up companies.
Internet of Things, Cloud Infrastructure, Wholesale Services
Public Speaker

Open Source and Programming:
FreeSwitch, FreeRadius, LinuxOS, Software Development, Automation.

Other involvement:
Commercial Real Estate Development

CEO (2012 - Present)
Privately Held, 2-10, Telecommunications

Infrastructure Development for ISPs, including VoIP Softswitch, Radius Broadband Authentication and Control, Automated Billing and Accounting, and Real-Time VoIP Anti-Hack Service.

CloudAstrix deploys Internet Service Providers Management Software Infrastructure globally with a team of 50+ highly specialized personnel to cater for the needs and assist in ISPs growth.

Chairman (2002 - Present)
Marzi Group of Companies

Real Estate Investment Group, consisting of a large portfolio of prime commercial real estate locally and internationally.

Chief Technical Officer (2015 - Present)
OTEL Communications

Licensed National Telecoms Service Provider in South Africa.
OTEL Communications provides telecommunication services to its wholesale, enterprise and retail clients based in South Africa.


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