ML Mohammad Ashraf Patel
Entrepreneur / Philanthropist
Johannesburg Area, South Africa | Computer Software

Career in ICT since 1992, broadening the limits enhancing

*Technical abilities of
+computer hardware,
+IP networking,

*Systems Engineering in
+MS Windows
+Advanced Linux operations,

*Software Development in
+Telecommunications [VoIP]
+Telecommunications [Radius]
+Telecommunications [Billing]
+Telecommunications [CRM]
+Telecommunications [HoneyPot]

*Web Development
+Databasing [MySQL]
+Open Source [Laravel, Wordpress]
+WHMCS [Modular]

*Web Hosting
+Server Management [Hosting]
+Virtual Server deployment
+Remote Backup Management

*Web SEO
+Social Media enhancements
+Social Media marketing
+Public Relations [Online & Print]
+Search Engine Optimization [Alta Vista=>Google]

*Graphic Design
+Photoshop [24 years]
+Corel Draw

Offering what the client wants at a sustainable price with comprehensive support is key to any successful business.

Specialties: Finding opportunities and establishing start-up companies.
Internet of Things, Cloud Infrastructure, Wholesale Services
Public Speaker

Open Source and Programming:
FreeSwitch, FreeRadius, LinuxOS, Software Development, Automation.

Other involvement:
Commercial Real Estate Development

Head Management (2018 - Present)
Global Islamic Technology Solutions

Global Islamic Technology Solutions [GITS] is a neutral Islamic non profit organization focusing on providing technology advice and services to ALL Islamic Non Profit Organizations (Globally), such as SANZAF, JAMIAT, UUCSA, etc...

Services will include
Central databasing of:
*Zakaat deserving Individuals
*Nikkah Registry
*Medical Aid for Ulema
*Ulema Human Resources and Job Finding
*Fatawah Databases with questions having answer from separate Ifta Organization and Madhaaib
*Central Islamic organization directory where each organization can host their website

and many other projects involving a unified database, In Shaa Allah.

There is no barrier between Aqaa'id (Salafi/Ahle Sunnah/Tablighi/Barealwi) as this is a neutral Islamic service.

CEO (2012 - Present)
Privately Held, 2-10, Telecommunications

CloudAstrix develops mobile app solutions for various industries. Social media, E-Commerce, Business networks and many other. With its vast experience in innovative solutions, CloudAstrix is a leader in its field.

Chairman (2002 - Present)
Marzi Group of Companies

Real Estate Investment Group, consisting of a large portfolio of prime commercial real estate locally and internationally.


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