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Sayyiduna Ibn Masood رضي الله عنه reports that Rasulullah ﷺ said,“There is no one who deals in Riba/interest excessively to increase his wealth except that he will end up with a little i.e. his wealth will be decreased. *Ibn Majah*

A-Z of Life

A ACCEPT Accept others for who they are and for the choices they have made even if you have difficulty understanding their beliefs, motives or actions. B BREAK AWAY Break away from everything that stands in the way of what you hope to accomplish with your life. C...

6 Indisputable Benefits of Quitting Movies

10 Jul 2017/Abu Aaishah Source: What are the benefits of not watching movies – those that don’t impart any beneficial knowledge in dunya and don’t benefit our akhirah either? Read this article to find...

Hadith- No Concern

“Part of a person’s being a good Muslim is his leaving alone that which does not concern him.” (Narrated by Imaam Ahmad, 1 – 201; al-Tirmidhi, 2318;

Islam growtr in UK

Mayor of London … MUSLIM Mayor of Birmingham … MUSLIM Mayor of Leeds … MUSLIM Mayor of Blackburn … MUSLIM Mayor of Sheffield … MUSLIM Mayor of Oxford … MUSLIM Mayor of Luton … MUSLIM Mayor of Oldham … MUSLIM Mayor of Rochdale ….. MUSLIM. Now all UK schools are ONLY...

99 Names of Allah

. ۞ الله ۞ الرحمن ۞ الرحيم ۞ الملك ۞ القدوس ۞ السلام ۞ المؤمن ۞ المهيمن ۞ العزيز ۞ الجبار ۞ المتكبر ۞ الخالق ۞ البارئ ۞ المصور ۞ الغفار ۞ القهار ۞ الوهاب ۞ الرزاق ۞ الفتاح ۞ العليم ۞ القابض ۞ الباسط ۞ الخافض ۞ الرافع ۞ المعز ۞ المذل ۞ السميع ۞ البصير ۞ الحكم ۞ العدل...