Q. If somebody issues three divorces (all at once) despite it being un-Islamic and disliked, what would be its effects?

A. The logical answer to this question is that the sin or wrong in any action cannot prevent the action from causing its effects.

Murder, being a sin, will not delay a victim’s death just to check whether or not the bullet was fired justly and fairly or another example that could be cited is that it is preferable to drink a glass of water in at least three sips. However, should the water be swallowed in one gulp, it will still be finished.

Therefore, if a person ignores the sunnah step-by-step method of divorce and opts to issue three divorces altogether, in one breath even at the displeasure of Rasulullaah Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam his rash action will take effect immediately and become binding upon him in that he will lose not only the right of revoking the divorce but also the opportunity to re-marry the same women without having to go through the process of Halaalah.

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