A- Z of Marketing


  • Advertise,  Advertise, Advertise everywhere you can!
  • Banner Advertisements  (On the internet)
  • Chatrooms  all around the internet, there are lots of live and busy chatrooms – potential listeners!
  • Demonstrate  your station in public places. See if you can get a road-show on the go and offer PA services at local events.
  • Email,  send lots of emails to people! This does not mean spam however.
  • Forums, become active on discussion boards where you are going to attract listeners, maybe buy some advertising on busy ones?
  • Google, either with paid adwords or just via the standard search. If you are running a Niche station, make sure you come up near the top!
  • Handouts. Print some, see if local shops will hold them for you. Or give them out at a busy event.
  • Interaction, create a two-way communication channel between you and your listeners
  • Joint Venture, sometimes taking on a project all by yourself can limit you – team up with someone else and work together
  • Kill  the competition (Not literally of course), use strategic methods to reduce their audience and convert them to your own station.
  • Swap Links  with other stations, with any websites in general. Think of your target audience, who wants to listen to the radio? everybody does…
  • Mail,  if you can get hold of a mailing list – might be worth sending out some flyers or other promo material in the post.
  • Newspapers and Newsletters, give a someone an interesting story to write about. After all, its not every day you hear about someone running a radio station from home!
  • Offers,  team up with some companies to bring your listeners some exclusive offers – you will then be helping each other out!
  • PR  is one of the most powerful advertising tools.
  • Quality,  a high quality broadband stream will cost more, however people enjoy good quality audio.
  • Radio, Utilize your own radio station to advertise itself using sweepers and promotional adverts.
  • Signs, Make some signs or posters to put around the place.
  • Text messaging  or  Television
  • Upgrade and Update  your service on a regular basis to keep things fresh, and keep people coming back.
  • Visually appealing branding, can be used to catch peoples attention. It might be worth spending some time creating a nice uniform design to use on your website and on any promotional material you create.
  • Word of mouth, one of the BEST forms of marketing available to you – get your friends to tell their friends who will in turn tell their friends…
  • We can’t think of anything beginning with  X? …Well, can you?
  • Yellowpages, or the phone book?
  • Advertise at a  Zoo!  (We couldn’t think of a  Z  either).

Source:  http://www.wavestreaming.com/solutions/how-to-start-an-internet-radio-station