Do I need to respond to every email?

The suggestion I have is to fetch rather than receive which worked well for me over the years, meaning:
Instead of staff sending you email reports, it certainly is convenient for you to receive it in your inbox, and for you to view them as you find convenient time. However, the failure to this method is that before you know it, everyone is emailing you, your inbox gets flooded, and you spend hours on emails daily. From the office time to family time then to your personal sleep time. Less sleep, less productivity.
Email programs are not that well suited for tasks management,therefore we use programs like crm and project management.
Here, all leads and projects are created, and staff deposit their information in those bins. Now you can view the leads received,their progress and maintain tasks progress in the project management module. All without email intervention.

Another thing: if you initiate an email, do it stating your message without the need for a response or acknowledgment of receipt. Send it once, and avoid getting a reply. If you do, it’s an extra email and minute you are spending on. If you do receive an initiated email or report,avoid replying to it . Why should you? The email was sent to inform you of something,so leave it as that,unless of course it was a question or escalation. If you have a query on it, make a note of it on and review it during management meetings. You’ll get a clearer response faster.

Keep your phone calls short, you don’t need to get involved in every deal or every project in any company. You surround yourself with good partners and staff and trust that they’re doing their job properly. If they’re not, then train them to, don’t expect them to perform at your level of thinking,they never will. If they were,you would be working for them.  there are procedures to follow to replace them with more capable staff if current staff aren’t meeting your realistic expectations,even after training them.

I end of with a blog entry I made years ago,hope it helps.

6 months flew by in 2014 to 2015

Yep, thats how long it took me to write up a new blog post. Although my twitter updates was abuzz, and company websites regularly updated, there was certainly limited free personal time to update my blog…. why is that?

Priorities come at play here… past 6 months has been a very eventful one… from loss to success… establishing a new company, to selling off a stake in current one in order to attain long term growth to finally spending quality time with family… i do not regret a minute of life in the past 6 months… memories in the making….

I thank Allah everyday for the bounties, good health, wealth, and laughter he has provided, and I pray that all family and friends enjoy the same. I think if we’re thankful, rather than wishing for something more, there’s much more blessing in our lives.

Having celebrated my ‘ahem’ birthday recently, its just so amazing of the experience we’ve gained in the years gone by. Not a day is completed without me thinking of a poor decision taken or a foolish thing said, if only we knew better by having the experience we have now  back then. My late dad’s advice echoes in my head when I think of this… ‘listen to your elders, they’ve been there, done that’… I guess it’s something we should be doing rather than continue to pay life school fees with the errors we make.

Spirituality and religious guidance is key to a stable life. The teachings in Islam on how to live and treat your family and friends is instrumental to attain some form of success in our short stay on this earth. If we could just follow it as much as we can, we’ll be able to balance all functions in a way which will bring us and people around us with joy. A cover to cover read of Bahisti Zewar is highly recommended.

InshaaAllah, we’ll strive to walk the straight path, where we pray there are no small stones to hurt our feet, nor large stones to block our way. Until next entry.. have a joyful year ahead.