I really don’t understand what’s this global saga all about. All these messenger apps have similar T&Cs. Whatsapp is updating their T&Cs to level with their Facebook and Messenger colleagues.

As for me in the advertising and marketing space, I need this T&Cs update so I can get access to Whatsapp users to market my clients services, just as how I do the same with Instagram, Facebook, Google.

We all see the ads, we often even click on them for interesting stuff. We need the custom ads to benefit our lives.

I’m currently away for the weekend at a resort which came to me via an ad on Instagram!

Every year, Google will email you the locations you’ve visited in the last year. They track all of your visits and will even guess where’s your home and where’s your work place.

Truecaller will take all of your contacts and share it among millions of other users, so when your contact calls them, they know who is calling.

Gmail had 1.5bn active accounts in 2019. I use the data Google gives to me to target Gmail users in particular for services my clients renders and products they sell, based on what they receive emails about or search.

That’s how the world is heading. These companies use your habitual data to share it with smaller companies who use the data to target you in commerce. Like it or not, it benefits you greatly as your life is revolved around it.

Why is it that you’ve accepted the very same T&Cs from all other free services you’re using, but refusing for Whatsapp which is in your daily use and an integral part of your life? Just because you’re seeing a hype about it? Have you even read the T&Cs?

Do you think it’s free to program and maintain an app, that’s why you’re getting to use it for free?
How does any App creator monetize the time and money spent on developing the app?

I’m an app developer, I’ve developed many. It’s very costly. iOS even charges to enable me to host my app in their store.

So do you think these apps whom you’re told to move to are charitable organizations? They’re there to give you the app to use for free because they care for you?

Whatsapp was same, wasn’t it? No ads they said yet the owner sold it for billions to Facebook.. Did he think FB had no plans to monetize the app after spending a world record fee? Really?!!

Everything in this world has a price on it. Everything is commercialized.

So really guys.. Is this not a marketing ploy by Telegram and Signal to gain users? Just as Whatsapp did to gain users from its predecessor, Skype, MSN, QQ, ICQ etc… Most of the articles I’m reading seems to be so, all pointing to alternative, strongly via either Signal or Telegram, as an advertorial would…

We moved on from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome who now tracks our whole life, what we browse, what we buy online, what we search for, to enhance our lives. I use the data Google and Facebook has amassed to monetize services and products. That’s how it is!

If you’re not happy with that, throw your smart phone in the bin because every aspect of it is that of a tracker and data collector. iOS or Android. That’s its job!
Can you do that? If you’re deleting whatsapp, then go the next step and switch to an entry level non smart phone as well.. It’s what you’re really trying to do.

Let’s not get caught up in this game. We need that upgrade!

Tx for the read.
Ml Mohammad Ashraf Patel