Just a few days ago a colleague mentioned to me he’s
noticed an increase of newer model IP Phones being connected
to the O-Tel Network. When I queried the relevance, he pointed
out that these phones are geared up for Video Calling.
I sighed and increased the priority level of
 ‘Video Calling Project’ on my Diary’s Task List.

In this industry, we need not have a large in-house research department. We have
hundreds of clients who regularly send us suggestions and custom requirements
which turns to commercial deployments. It seems Google works overtime in VoIP
related searches.So when we claim that we’re the leading Hosted PBX Service
company in South Africa, we have to thank our clients for this achievement.

Unfortunately, not allservices/features can be implemented as South Africa’s
broadband infrastructure does not support it or is too expensive to make
it a viable option.

In order to be able to meet our client expectations, we need to walk the extra mile
and offer stable Unifiied Communications service at a reasonably low monthly rental.
This has allowed us to maintain our ethos in advanced technology, ensuring that
Telephone 2.0 is a concept easily adapted by the millions of telecom users out there.

O-Tels’ infrastructure is growing on a daily basis. Our service offering is rated as
one of the best in the South African Industry. Our network of dealers and partners
nationwide makes us into a formidable force to drive Telephony 2.0 forward.

Thank You for your loyal support.
May our partnership bring prosperity in both our businesses.