Take the vaccine or not?

Whether Covid is natural or was created by man, it exists.

If Covid is natural, then Allah sent it upon us as Allah is in control of everything.
If it was made by man, then we’re pawns in their game…(Allah still controls everything and made this possible)

Whatever the above is….. it’s there.. it’s up to us whether we accept being the pawn and go with their flow of taking vaccine, wearing masks, social standing and go along whatever the WHO/Government tells us to do….or….

We rebel, say that its just not fair, its not right, something doesnt feel right, so you can take your precautions, but once you get it, you’re still drawn into the flow by starting with Oxygen, and escalated to Ventilator….whether you come out alive or dead, Covid still drew you in..

If you manage to dodge Covid in round 1, 2 and 3, Allah made it so, make shukr… we don’t know how many more rounds to come…round 3 seems to be more severe than round 1, so who knows whats waiting for us in round 4.

What does one do? for how long are we going to rebel? Whether it’s a worldwide game or Allah’s way of rebooting the earth, we need to ensure that we follow our Shariah set by Qur’an and Sunnah… and if it says in there that we can eat haraam pork to survive, then what argument do we have against taking a halal vaccine for hopeful survival?

Covid-19 as it is:

1- It exists, whether man made or natural, Allah in His infinite wisdom has sent this disease upon the earth (via whichever way) for a reason, we need to accept it.

2- It’s a fatal disease, we need to take precaution without compromising our Imaan and beliefs

3- The modus operandi of this disease is similar to a serious flu, so the precautions are similar. However, there is a cure for flu, but no cure yet for Covid. Like how we take precaution against HIV which is yet another fatal disease without current cure, we need to take precaution in Covid. Albeit both have different modus operandi. HIV is STD, but can still transmit via blood transfusion, so we take precaution there…similarly Covid transmits via airborne viral or settled liquid which transmits via the most physically active limb, the hands…but the liquid only gets into a person once his hands (now with the virus) touches his ENT. We just need to now be more aware of our touch. There is still no clear information wrt to this virus, otherwise we would be living a different life atm.

4a- Based on the above point, even though Islam/Fiqh permits SD in the masjid as StS is a Sunnah, and not a waajibaat of salaah, Sunnah is just as important in our social living, hence StS is very important. Therefore standing StS should have no effect on transmitting the virus if there is no skin contact or breathing in the potentially virus cough of the brother standing next to a person in salaah.
b-Likewise, the salaah is about 5 mins, hence the risk is also lower than say a 15 min queue in the bank or a 20min taxi ride.
c-Here we must ensure that the socializing after salaah, such as hugging and shaking hands in the masjid is none. d-Making salaam is a sunnah and replying to it is Waajib…does it say that shaking hands is a sunnah? In fact, shaking hands is European culture.
d-Read sunnahs before and after at home, the importance is salaah with Jamaat in the masjid.
e-Hence there is no basis to refrain from attending the masjid. This is fear mongering which I don’t agree with.
f-Furthermore, if you feel uncomfortable in standing StS, then stand aside, or stand in the last saf with the kids, or just ahead of them.
g-Keep your mask on, wear winter gloves.
h-Don’t attend the masjid dressed like a scientist who is investigating aliens. You’ll be standing in front of Allah in total submission.

5a- The main concern of a muslim’s daily activities is attendance to the Masjid.
b-The Masjid is the central core and heart of any community.
c-When the masjid is empty, the community is empty.
d-Shaytaan starts winning when the masaajid are empty.
e-To get a muslim person, even one who has been a regular for decades in the masjid, to deviate and lose the strength of his faith, you only need to keep him away from his spritual recharge which is done at the masjid.
f-That recharge is brought home to the ladies.
g-We cannot dispute Allah’s work and the Sunnah. It’s taught to us for a reason.
h-Without the masjid, the salaah times get less priority until shaytaan wins by convincing the person to read the salaah later until he misses the time and salaah.
i-The Masjid is the pitstop of a Muslims day.
j-To awaken and start the day, he prays Fajr Salaah in the Masjid.
k-To take a break and recharge via a meal, he goes for Zuhr in the masjid forcing the mental and physical wash and recharge.
l-He is forced (by Fardh) to take a break or close the office at Asr time (normally 5pm).
m-He’s forced to take a break at Maghreb to eat. He’s winding down by meditating over 17 rakats (the most in the day) by praying Esha before he sleeps. His mind is in tranquility.
n-Following him is his herd, his family. He eats, his family eats, He sleeps, his family sleeps. Everything has to be done timeously, governed by the times set in the masjid.
o-The largest united muslim gatherings are in the 2 masaajid.
p-Taking the masjid out of a muslims life is suicidal to his Imaan.

6- Now that we’ve ascertained that a Muslim person should not abstain from attending the masjid, we can take other precautions by perhaps doing schooling online from home. This includes madressah. Work from home if possible. Install protective Covid safety screens at the retail shops. Wear masks, etc.

7- Boost our immune system. There is much Sunnah guidance for this. Honey, Kulunji, etc. 

8a- Boosting is not only physical, but spiritually too.
b-There are many Dua’s and Wazifahs to read.
c-Istighfaar, Shukr as well.
d-Let the news of peoples passing be a warning that you could be next, so catch up with your salaahs.
e-Forgive those who have wronged you and ask for forgiveness to those whom you have wronged.
f-Finalise your stay in this world as if you’re next to go.
g-Change your lifestyle to live within the confines of Shariah.
h-Spend your time wisely.
i-Let this pandemic be an eye opener, that no matter how much money you have, how many degrees, or how famous, Allah has the power to do anything and everything. Every human is powerless against Allah’s ordains.

9- Abstain from the news and statistics. It is of no use to you. You follow a leader, whether your local imaam, the Islamic organization, or the government. The information being fed to you via the media can be misconstrued. Let the leaders guide you. The guidance from religious leaders is channelled via the masaajid. 

10- Continue with your life. Follow your day as normal, but with awareness of the pandemic, taking the necessary precautions, keeping track of your Ibaadah, keeping your spirituality boosted, believing that it all comes from Allah, so you navigate accordingly to the Shariah and Sunnah. Yesterday was crime, some have political wars and deaths, some have weather related difficulties, some have economy crisis, today it’s the pandemic. Everyone continues living by adapting. So adapt to this new normal, and move on.

Ml Mohammad Ashraf Patel

22 June 2021

Instagram: @illuder

Mufti Menk Prophet series

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Sayyiduna Ibn Masood رضي الله عنه reports that Rasulullah ﷺ said,“There is no one who deals in Riba/interest excessively to increase his wealth except that he will end up with a little i.e. his wealth will be decreased.
*Ibn Majah*

Hadith- No Concern

“Part of a person’s being a good Muslim is his leaving alone that which does not concern him.”

(Narrated by Imaam Ahmad, 1 – 201; al-Tirmidhi, 2318;

Islam growtr in UK

Mayor of London … MUSLIM
Mayor of Birmingham … MUSLIM
Mayor of Leeds … MUSLIM
Mayor of Blackburn … MUSLIM
Mayor of Sheffield … MUSLIM
Mayor of Oxford … MUSLIM
Mayor of Luton … MUSLIM
Mayor of Oldham … MUSLIM
Mayor of Rochdale ….. MUSLIM.
Now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT !
All this achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population !!!
This is an eye opener
Quotes regarding Islam, by some Western philosophers
1. Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)
“Islam will rule the world one day, because in it there is a combination of knowledge and wisdom”.
2. Herbert Wells (1846-1946)
“Until the effectiveness of Islam again, how many generations will suffer atrocities and life will be cut off ? Then one day the whole world will be attracted to it, on that day there will be PEACE and on that day the world will be inhabited again .
3. Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
“I understand that the Muslims did it through their own intelligence and awareness which the Jews could not do. In Islam it is the power that can lead to peace”.
4. Huston Smith (1919)
“The faith which is upon us now and which is better than us in the world, is Islam. If we open our hearts and minds for it, then it will be good for us”.
5. Michael Nostradamus (1503-1566)
“Islam will be the ruling religion in Europe, and the famous city of Europe will become the Islamic State capital.”
6. Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)
“I read Islam and realized that it is to be the religion of all the world and all humanity. Islam will spread throughout Europe and in Europe the big thinkers of Islam will emerge. A day will come when Islam will be the real stimulus of the world. “.
7. Gosta Lobon (1841-1931)
“Islam only talks about peace and reconciliation. Invite Christians to appreciate the faith of reform.”
8. Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
“The whole world will accept Islam religion one day and if it can not even accept the real name, it will accept it by a name of metaphor. West will accept Islam one day and Islam will be the religion of those who have studied in the world. ”
9. Johann Geith (1749-1832)
“We all have to accept Islam religion sooner or later. This is the real religion. If I am called a Muslim, I will not feel bad, I accept this as a right thing”