Drug Awareness Campaign


Drus is a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

Mental health means different things to different people. You may think of control, happiness, contentment, order – but good mental health is usually a sign of a positive way of life. Mental ill health is the opposite of this – it causes problems and creates barriers to being happy.

It affects young, old, professionals, housewives, rich and poor.

Its a very serious calamity which can be considered as the modern plague.


Risk Taking

Some people are more drawn to risk taking than others. They may use drugs to fit in with their social group or to help them cope, for a sense of release or individual transformation, or for the thrill.


Some people try drugs for the first time as an experiment, because they are curious or because friends are doing it. They want to try it to see how it affects them and talk about their experiences with their friends afterwards.

Gender and age

The age you are when you first try drugs can influence how you will go on to use them. For example, the younger you are when you start drinking alcohol, the more likely you are to try hard drugs later on.

Young men are more likely to experiment with drugs than women. However, heavy drug use can cause more damage to young women.

Hedonism (the ‘buzz’)

This is a major factor, as many people take recreational drugs for the ‘buzz’ or ‘thrill’. They make a deliberate choice to pursue this ‘high’. Nowadays, social media influencers can also entice users to start doing drugs to replicate that ‘cool’ lifestyle.

Peer group

There are two schools of thought on the influence of your friends on your drug use. One is that the group can pressure you into taking drugs. Another is that people may choose to hang out with people who are into the same things as they are.


The easier it is to get drugs, the more likely you are to use them. This will also influence the type of drugs you use. Drug dealers are business people. They will ensure that they study the suburb or town they’re in and reach out to their clients, even if it means delivering to them.

Family, social and environmental factors

People who live in a ‘deprived’ state, where the risk factors are high and the protective factors low, have a higher risk of using drugs. In terms of family, the important factor is how happy and stable your family life is, rather than whether you have two parents or not.

Often if the child sees both parents involved in drugs, they go against that habit and ensure that they don’t take the drugs.

For a purpose

Some people use drugs to lose weight or to help them concentrate. Others may self-diagnose problems and use drugs to self-medicate.


Surprisingly, muslims will ensure that they won’t eat pork, but will intake alcohol. Both are equally haraam.

How does it start?

It starts from when an unusual opportunity arises…

friends are doing it, so to be cool and not be the odd one out, the line will be crossed.

Whether alcohol or party drugs, dagga and alcohol goes hand in hand, once taken, it opens the door to a new adventure which can only lead to doom.

Shockingly, kids from as young as 12 years old are exposed to such opportunities.

The intake of these haraam things then becomes a norm during events, sport outings, special days, holidays, and it escalates to monthly, weekly, or whenever the opportunity arises. Addiction kicks in when the person starts looking forward to the next fix.

Psychoactive drugs

Drugs that are psychoactive, such as cannabis, alcohol, ecstasy and heroin, have the ability to affect your mood. They can arouse certain emotions or dampen down others.

Drugs interfere with the chemicals in your brain. This affects the messages those chemicals are trying to send.

The short-term effects may well be something the drug taker enjoy ,but Drugs can have a longer-lasting impact on his mental health.

All psychoactive drugs may cause mental health problems while you are taking them and as you clear the drug from your body. These can include anxiety, mood swings, depression, sleep problems and psychosis

However, very popular drug is called the Nyapo, which attacks the physical body and makes the body depend on it.

Nyaope is a lighter form of Heroin, there is pure heroin also available.

Once person is hooked onto the major drugs, it is very difficult to get him off, however, it is all about how much he’s willing to go off it. They live in denial that they’re addicted.

How to detect drug use?

It can be hard to tell the difference between signs of drug use and normal teenage changes such as being moody, sleeping late, changing friends. As a parent you will know your own teenager and notice changes in their behaviour.

Some of these may indicate drug use:

  • Sudden changes in mood
  • Losing interest in things they used to enjoy
  • Money going missing
  • Aggressive or irritable behaviour
  • Being secretive
  • Finding unusual objects, such as powders, tablets, scorched tinfoil, cigarette papers
  • Burns on clothes

There is no sure way to prevent your child using drugs but you can decrease the chances of it happening if you:

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY- Ensure that you’re not in DENIAL. It does not make you a failure as a parent if your child gets involved in drugs, but it makes you a failure of you don’t detect it due to your own delusion that this cannot happen to your child, likely because he is in a good home and you are so and so important person. Drugs is a plague which can hit ANYONE….be constantly aware of it!
    Most times, its detected when the person is so deep into the addiction.
  • If there’s behavioral changes as i mentioned, become suspicious and investigate.
  • Maintain good communication with your child. Make sure they know they can talk to you if they have any concerns or issues.
  • Be interested in their activities and know who their friends are. Help with homework and give them lifts to and from sports and other activities.
  • Have open discussions with your child from a young age about drug use: what they would do if offered drugs, explore examples, positives and negatives of use.
  • Encourage them not to drink or smoke. Ensure they understand the seriousness of these haram acts.
  • Make sure you don’t drink alcohol. The best way to influence their behaviour is by example.
  • Inform yourself about drugs.
  • Praise and encourage healthy behaviour.
  • Have positive expectations for your children.
  • Set clear boundaries in your home.

What should I do if my child is using cannabis?

Don’t panic and try not to overreact.  A hostile confrontation won’t help. Get the facts about drugs so you can begin to talk with your child about them. Tell them what you have learned. Be open with your child about how you feel about their drug use.  Try to keep the lines of communication open – better to know than not!

Here are some approaches to try:

  • Weigh up the situation.
  • Focus on the positive things about them and the potential they have. Explain how drugs can disrupt their dreams and hopes for their future.
  • Point out that cannabis is illegal and what might happen if they get caught. Discuss the risks and possible effects on their health or school work.
  • Keep on eye on what they’re doing and who their friends are. Get interested in things they enjoy.
  • If they got the drug at school, tell the principal.

Try to agree a plan for the future that will help them to not use again. This might involve:

  • spending time differently
  • avoiding certain places
  • learning to be more assertive in certain situations
  • seeking counselling if they need it. We have muslim organizations who assist in rehabilitation of addicts.
  • There are also support groups which has much experience in assisting the addict or the loved ones around him.

Behavior changes

The behaviour changes can be noticed in:

their sleep patterns, times of sleep and waking up

either eating little or eating too much

being snappy when asked questions or whereabouts

a new and strange group of friends

a new hangout place

How to home test

Test kit from dischem, 6 types and 12 types, of about R150. Person needs to urine under supervision to ensure they dont mix water in it to dilute it.

Guidelines for Parents

  • Pre emptive and proactive in the childrens lives
  • Communication is key,
  • Spend quality time with the kids
  • Dont have expectations from teachers and molanas to takes responsibility for your childs upbringing
  • Educate yourself regarding issues affecting your child
  • Engage your child in deeni activities
  • Be kind and compassionate
  • If you sense something is not right, get involved, dont be in denial
  • Ensure child get good exposure to his spritual life by reading his salaah

Prevention is better than cure the only way to fight this plague is to educate everyone of the dangers of drugs.

We must pray that Allah keeps us all away from this musibaat.


Haj without a visa!

Since Hajj is among the most virtuous deeds in Islam, & not everyone can afford it (especially on a continuous basis) Allah Ta’ala has attached the reward of *optional* Hajj to certain other deeds for the benefit of all.
Hereunder is a collection of such deeds.
_It should be noted that these deeds are labelled as being more virtuous than *nafl (optional)* hajj, & not the fard (obligatory) hajj._

*1. Wudu at home before proceeding for Salah with Jama’ah*.🕌
*2. Salatul Ishraq.*🕌
*3. Going to the Masjid to acquire or impart Knowledge.*🕌
*4. Umrah in Ramadan.*🕋
*5. To recite “Subhanallah” 100 times in the morning and evening.*🌤 🌌
*6. Serving one’s Parents.*👥
📚 All of the above have been derived from the Hadiths of Nabi ﷺ.

💡Hafiz Ibn Rajab Al-Hambali (rahimahullah) has quoted the following deeds that yield the reward of Hajj from various Predecessors (i.e, *not necessarily from the Hadith*).
_7. Attending the Jumu’ah Salah._🕌
_8. Attending the Eid Salah._🕌
_9. Esha Salah in Congregation._🕌
_10. The fulfillment of all obligations (fard deeds) is better than Nafl Haj._✅
_11. Abstinence from the haram (forbidden) acts are also more virtuous than Nafl Hajj etc._❗
_12. Any act of Good during the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah._⏳

📌 The following is an addition to what Hafiz Ibn Rajab (rahimahullah) has cited:
_13. Spending on a student of Islamic Knowledge._👣
(Ma’alim Irshadiyyah of Shaykh Muhammad ‘Awwamah, pg.35)

✏The promises of _gaining the same reward as Hajj_ that are mentioned above, are restricted to the reward only. It does not mean that one upon whom Hajj is obligatory can merely suffice on these deeds.
✏The purpose here is not to discourage one from the actual Hajj. (That is why it is being circulated now, when the Hajis have already begun to depart) Like they say: *There’s nothing like the real thing..*
🕋 May Allah ﷻ‬‎ grant us all the tawfeeq (ability) to practice on the above, as well as afford us the opportunity *to perform the real Hajj* repeatedly. Ameen.

👉🏽 *See the full article here:*

Darul Hadith Research Centre

Kunyas of narrators

*اشتهار كثير من العلماء بغير اسمهم ، ولا يعرف كثير من الناس اسمهم ، ومنهم :*

‏ابن تيمية : أحمد بن عبدالحليم .
‏ابن القيم : محمد بن أبي بكر .
‏ابن رجب : عبدالرحمن بن أحمد.
‏ابن حزم : علي بن أحمد.
‏ابن حجر : أحمد بن علي.
‏ابن كثير : إسماعيل بن عمر .
‏ابن الجوزي: عبدالرحمن بن علي .
البخاري : محمد بن إسماعيل .
‏أبو داود : سليمان بن الأشعث .
‏الترمذي : محمد بن عيسى .
‏النسائي : أحمد بن شعيب .
‏ابن ماجه : محمد بن يزيد .
‏أبوحنيفة : النعمان بن ثابت .
‏الشافعي : محمد بن إدريس .
‏الذهبي : محمد بن أحمد .
‏القرطبي : محمد بن أحمد .
الصنعاني :محمد بن اسماعيل
الشوكاني :محمد بن علي ‏
السيوطي : عبدالرحمن بن أبي بكر

انشر فإنه من دل على خير فله مثل اجر فاعله

Why South Africans are moving to Mauritius – and how much it costs

The fast-growing and crime-free island nation of Mauritius is a good alternative for high net worth South Africans, says Brenthurst Wealth.

Speaking via the group’s ‘Strictly Business’ podcast, Gavin Butchart, a financial director at Brenthurst Wealth, said that Mauritius is good country for investors looking to diversify, particularly due to it’s attractive tax bracket with individuals and companies paying 15% – with no dividends tax, capital gains tax or estate duties.

The podcast discussed Mauritius, its advantages as an investment destination, as a place to live, and what South Africa can learn from the fastest growing African economy.

Citing a world bank report, Butchart, who lives in Mauritius, said that the country ranks highly for ease of use for doing business.

Advantages of moving to Mauritius include, economic growth, good schooling, low crime rates, and is politically stable, Butchart said, noting also that the country’s unemployment rate is below 7%.

To gain permanent residency, a person would need a minimum of $500,000 (R7 million). “That will get you permanent residency,” Butchart said.

He noted that there are additional means of entering the country – namely a retirement non-citizen permit, and a foreign investor permit.

Popular avenues of investment for foreigners looking to invest in Mauritius, and obtain residency, include:

  • Occupation Permit (OP) – a combined work and residence permit that allows foreign nationals to work and reside in Mauritius through an Initial investment of $100,000 in a business activity that should generate an annual turnover of at least MUR2 million (circa $58,000) for the first year and cumulative turnover of at least MUR10 million for the subsequent two years.
  • Residence Permit (RP) – a residence permit that allows foreign nationals to reside in Mauritius through the acquisition of a residential property under the Property Development Scheme (PDS) when he/she has invested more than $500,000 or its equivalent in any freely convertible foreign currency.
  • Permanent Residence Scheme (PRS) – foreign nationals investing more than $500,000 into the Permanent Resident Investment Fund (PRIF) for a period of 10 years are eligible for permanent residence, along with their spouse and children under 18 years of age. For children over 18, an additional deposit of $100,000 per person is required.

Butchart said that homes prices vary depending on the island. He stressed that non residents are only able to buy into property development schemes.

According to Theo Pietersen, Seeff’s MD in Mauritius, the island country has become highly sought-after by local property buyers, some for residency purposes, but increasingly for holiday/second homes, retirement and relocation.

“Mauritius is fast becoming a second home for South Africans and with the recent changes in the Mauritian government’s property investment legislation, it is now a lot easier to invest in residential and commercial property on the island and there is an increased amount of developments available for SA buyers to invest in, both residential and commercial,” he said.

He added that the country now boasts top-class infrastructure including an excellent banking sector, strong economic growth and a favourable investment and tax climate and is regarded as one of the easiest places to do business in.

Pietersen said that property on the island is also regarded as an excellent investment and if you invest early, you can generally benefit from excellent capital growth.

However, there are limited opportunities to invest, especially in prime seafront developments, he said.

Pietersen said that finance is available from both South African banks as well as in Mauritius at interest rates of 7%-9% but with 40% cash deposit requirements.

He added that South Africans tend to invest between MUR 6,500,000 and MUR 20,000,000 which equates to approximatelyR2,628,000 to R8,100,000.

100 Instructions From Quran

1. Do not be rude in speech (3:159)
2. Restrain Anger (3:134)
3. Be good to others (4:36)
4. Do not be arrogant (7:13)
5. Forgive others for their mistakes (7:199)
6. Speak to people mildly (20:44)
7. Lower your voice (31:19)
8. Do not ridicule others (49:11)
9. Be dutiful to parents(17:23)
10. Do not say a word of disrespect to parents (17:23)
11. Do not enter parents’ private room without asking permission (24:58)
12. Write down the debt (2:282)
13. Do not follow anyone blindly (2:170)
14. Grant more time to repay if the debtor is in hard time (2:280)
15. Don’t consume interest (2:275)
16. Do not engage in bribery (2:188)
17. Do not break the promise (2:177)
18. Keep the trust (2:283)
19. Do not mix the truth with falsehood (2:42)
20. Judge with justice between people (4:58)
21. Stand out firmly for justice (4:135)
22. Wealth of the dead should be distributed among his family members (4:7)
23. Women also have the right for
inheritance (4:7)
24. Do not devour the property of orphans (4:10)
25. Protect orphans (2:220)
26. Do not consume one another’s wealth unjustly (4:29)
27. Try for settlement between people (49:9)
28. Avoid suspicion (49:12)
29. Do not spy and backbite (2:283)
30. Do not spy or backbite (49:12)
31. Spend wealth in charity (57:7)
32. Encourage feeding poor (107:3)
33. Help those in need by feeding them (2:273)
34. Do not spend money extravagantly (17:29)
35. Do not invalidate charity with reminders (2:264)
36. Honor guests (51:26)
37. Order righteousness to people only after practicing it yourself (2:44)
38. Do not commit abuse on the earth (2:60)
39. Do not prevent people from mosques (2:114)
40. Fight only with those who fight you (2:190)
41. Keep the etiquettes of war (2:191)
42. Do not turn back in battle (8:15)
43. No compulsion in religion (2:256)
44. Believe in all prophets (2:285)
45. Do not have sexual intercourse during menstrual period (2:222)
46. Breast feed your children for two complete years (2:233)
47. Do not even approach unlawful sexual intercourse (17:32)
48. Choose rulers by their merit (2:247)
49. Do not burden a person beyond his scope (2:286)
50. Do not become divided (3:103)
51. Think deeply about the wonders and creation of this universe (3:191)
52. Men and Women have equal rewards for their deeds (3:195)
53. Do not marry those in your blood relation (4:23)
54. Family should be led by men (4:34)
55. Do not be miserly (4:37)
56.Do not keep envy (4:54)
57. Do not kill each other (4:92)
58. Do not be an advocate for deceit (4:105)
59. Do not cooperate in sin and aggression (5:2)
60. Cooperate in righteousness (5:2)
61. ’Having majority’ is not a criterion of truth (6:116)
62. Be just (5:8)
63. Punish for crimes in an exemplary way (5:38)
64. Strive against sinful and unlawful acts (5:63)
65. Dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine are prohibited (5:3)
66. Avoid intoxicants and alcohol (5:90)
67. Do not gamble (5:90)
68. Do not insult others’ deities (6:108)
69. Don’t reduce weight or measure to cheat people (6:152)
70. Eat and Drink, But Be Not Excessive (7:31)
71. Wear good cloths during prayer times (7:31)
72. protect and help those who seek protection (9:6)
73. Keep Purity (9:108)
74. Never give up hope of Allah’s Mercy (12:87)
75. Allah will forgive those who have done wrong out of ignorance (16:119)
76. Invitation to God should be with wisdom and good instruction (16:125)
77. No one will bear others’ sins (17:15)
78. Do not kill your children for fear of poverty (17:31)
79. Do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge (17:36)
80. Keep aloof from what is vain (23:3)
81. Do not enter others’ houses without seeking permission (24:27)
82. Allah will provide security for those who believe only in Allah (24:55)
83. Walk on earth in humility (25:63)
84. Do not neglect your portion of this world (28:77)
85. Invoke not any other god along with Allah (28:88)
86. Do not engage in homosexuality (29:29)
87. Enjoin right, forbid wrong (31:17)
88. Do not walk in insolence through the earth (31:18)
89. Women should not display their finery (33:33)
90. Allah forgives all sins (39:53)
91. Do not despair of the mercy of Allah (39:53)
92. Repel evil by good (41:34)
93. Decide on affairs by consultation (42:38)
94. Most noble of you is the most righteous (49:13)
95. No Monasticism in religion (57:27)
96. Those who have knowledge will be given a higher degree by Allah (58:11)
97. Treat non-Muslims in a kind and fair manner (60:8)
98. Save yourself from covetousness (64:16)
99. Seek forgiveness of Allah. He is Forgiving and Merciful (73:20)
100. Do not repel the petitioner/beggar (93:10)

A-Z of Life

Accept others for
who they are and
for the choices they
have made even if
you have difficulty
understanding their
beliefs, motives
or actions.

Break away from
everything that
stands in the way
of what you hope
to accomplish
with your life.

Create a family
of friends whom
you can share your
hopes, dreams,
sorrows, and
happiness together.

Decide that you’ll be
successful & happy
come what may, and
good things will find
you. The roadblocks
are only minor
obstacles along
the way.

Explore & experiment.
The world has much
to offer, and you
have much to give.
And every time you
try something new,
you’ll learn more
about yourself.

Grudges only weigh
you down and inspire
unhappiness & grief.
Soar above it, and
remember that
everyone makes

Leave the childhood
monsters behind. They
can no longer hurt you
or stand in your way.

Hope for the best
and never forget that
anything is possible
as long as you remain
dedicated to the task.

Ignore the negative
voice inside your head.
Focus instead on your
goals and remember
your accomplishments.
Your past success is only
a small inkling of what
the future holds.

Journey to new worlds,
new possibilities, is
mostly by remaining
Try to learn something
new every day and you
will grow in Knowledge.

Know that no matter
how bad things seem,
to be they will always
get better.
The harshest Winter
always follows the
Warmth of Spring.

Let love fill your
heart instead of hate.
When hate is in your
heart, there is NO room
for anything else,
but when love is in
your heart, there’s
room for endless

Manage your time and
your expenses wisely,
and you’ll suffer less
stress and worry.
Then you’ll be able to
focus on the important
things in life.

Never ignore the poor,
infirm, helpless, weak,
or suffering people.
Offer your assistance
when possible, and
always your kindness
and understanding.

Open your eyes and
take in all the beauty
around you.
Even during the
worst of times,
there’s still much
to be thankful for.

Never forget to have
fun along the way.
Success means nothing
without happiness.

Ask many questions,
because you are here
to learn & be informed.

Refuse to let worry
and stress rule your
Life, and remember
that things always
have a way of working
out in the end.

Share your talent,
skills, knowledge,
and time with others.
Everything that you
invest in others will
return to you many
times Multiplied.

Even when your
dreams seem
impossible to reach,
try anyway. You’ll be
amazed by what you
can accomplish.

Use your gifts to
your best ability.
Talent that is wasted
has no value. Talent
that is made into
efforts will bring
unexpected rewards.

Value the friends and
family members who
have supported and
encouraged you & be
there for them as well.

Work hard every day
to be the best person
you aspire to be, but
never feel guilty if you
fall short of your goals.
Every sunrise offers
a second chance.

Look deep inside the
hearts of those around
you and you will see
the goodness and
beauty within.

Yield to commitment.
If you stay on track
and remain dedicated,
you will find success
at the end of the road.


Zoom to a happy
place when bad
memories or sorrow
rears its ugly head.
Let nothing interfere
with your goals.
Instead, focus on
your abilities, in
your dreams, and
a brighter tomorrow