Letter to editor: CIIBroadcasting.com


RE:  http://www.ciibroadcasting.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6769:halaal-certification-in-south-africa-farce&catid=42:blog&Itemid=110


I write this email as I do not see a place to comment on the article (above link) I have read on your website.


I do not see the confusion the Halaal status and the dis-unity of the Halaal organization in South Africa.

I would like to express a few points:


  • In Islam, we’re supposed to trust our muslim brothers/sisters. No division in Race, intelligence, culture, IndoPak, Malaysian, Capetonians, Durban, Jo’Burg, Gujarati, Mehman,   etc. As long as we believe in Allah and his Rasul, we are Muslims and we follow the same Shariah, especially with regards to Halaal
  • MJC, SANHA, NHIT or whichever organisations are Muslims. They have Ulama on board and experts to know what is Halaal and what is not. They take time and effort to ensure that the organizations they give Halaal status to are definitely Halaal.
  • We are laymen, we work in offices, banking, shoes shops, supermarkets etc. we have limited knowledge in Halaal and the shariah. We rely on these organizations to certify Halaal food so we may consume.
  • If that organization has taken the responsibility to certify a restaurant as Halaal, isn’t our responsibility to trust them? If they are falsifying it, aren’t they committing sins and going to Hell? Are we not excused for being fooled by these Ulama? A sensitive issue here, but we need to trust someone.
  • If we distrust an organization, are we not creating a division? Is MJC CapeTonian, that’s why Jo’burgers don’t trust MJC? Are the Ulama of MJC such as Molana Ihsaan Hendricks not recognised as true Ulama? Why divide Islam??!!
  • How can the writers friends look down on MJC? How do we feels when the Arabs look down on IndoPaks as slaves? They don’t give us a second look when we’re in Saudi or Dubai.
  • Understandably if meat is being imported from Brazil, New Zealand or any country where there is great doubt, we abstain, but then neither will MJC, NHIT or SANHA approve it!!!
  • I myself can relate to what the writer went through as I’ve experienced it among my family and friends. But how hypocritical are we that Nandos at OR Tambo is approved by NHIT and everyone eats there, yet next to it is Anat who is also approved by NHIT and some muslims abstain! How hypocritical are we that when in Cape Town on Holiday, all of a sudden MJC is very good and we eat and the large number of restaurants they have approved!


In conclusion:
Islam is ONE!
Muslims must be UNITED!
Joe Soap on the street is not a Halaal expert, so trust the Halaal experts!