Salaams All. Recommend the Mufti Menk ‘Stories of the Prophets’ series- kindly compiled below by his son 16 year old son Ibrahim (May Allah swt bless him!) for your convenience in one message. They are a brilliant breakdown of prophetic stories within our beautiful blessed book told with wisdom, context and detail. Pls share the khair- pass on to others and remember us in your duas.

01~Introduction To Stories of the Prophets,

02~Creation Of Aadam (AS),

03~Aadam (AS) on Earth- Part 1,

04~Aadam (AS) On Earth- Part 2,

05~Sheeth (AS),

06~Idrees (AS),

07~Nuh [Noah] (AS),

08~Hud (AS),

09~Saalih (AS),

10~Ibrahim [Abraham] (AS)- Part 1,

11~Ibrahim [Abraham] (AS)- Part 2,

12~Ibrahim [Abraham] (AS) and Ismaeel (AS)- Part 3,

13~Ibrahim [Abraham] (AS) and Ismaeel (AS)- Part 4,

14~ Lut [Lot] (AS),

15~Yaqub [Jacob] (AS) and Yusuf [Joseph] (AS)- Part 1,

16~ Yusuf [Joseph] (AS)- Part 2,

17~Yusuf [Joseph] (AS) – Part 3,

18~Ayoub [Job] (AS) and Yunus [Jonah] (AS),

19~Musa [Moses] (AS) and Haroon [Aron]- Part 1,

20~Musa [Moses] (AS) and Haroon [Aron]- Part 2,

21~Musa [Moses] (AS) and Haroon [Aron]- Part 3,

22~Musa [Moses] (AS) and Bani Isreal- Part 1,

23~Musa [Moses] (AS) and Bani Isreal- Part 2,

24~Shoaib (AS),

25~Musa, Uzair, Hizqeel, Yushua and Dawud (AS)- Part 1,

26~Dawud [David] (AS)- Part 2,

27~Sulayman [Solomon] (AS),

28~Sulayman [Solomon]- Part 2, Ilyaas, Dhul Kifl, Zakariyyah and Yahyhua (AS),

29~Isa [Jesus] (AS),