Project: Umrah 2013/1434


This project has been created in July 2011, allowing almost 2 years of planning.
The aim is to get 100+ family members listed in to attend a memorable Umrah trip together in the year 2013/1434.
This has never been done before, hoping the trend continues from generation to generation in an attempt to keep our large family close together. The Family Tree has already created much awareness of our family members. It is time to step up the re-grouping of our bloodline.

Departures is planned to be from your country. Families from UK, Mauritius, and South Africa have thus far expressed keen interest to participate.
The length of the trip is still under discussion, but it is planned to be between 2 to 3 weeks during April 2013, which coincides with the school holidays. Therefore children, parent and elderly are welcome.
Initial comments included discounted airfares, discounted hotel bookings, hiring of a cook for the duration, and some others. More comments welcome.

Right now, as at 9th September 2011, we have received many interested members. The next step is to enter your details in the form below with the intention of the trip.

Please do forward this page to all family members. We need to create awareness and make this trip successful InshAllah.
Please make Dua for the success of this project.

Every Action must Begin with the Correct Intention

Niyyat (Intention)

InshAllah, For the pleasure of Allah, my family and I would like to participate in this Umrah trip in 2013/1434.
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Family members who have already made intention.
May Allah grant them barakah, and fulfill their intention to attend this spiritual Umrah Trip.

1- Mohammad Ashraf Patel and family (South Africa)
2- Fatima Adam Mayet (South Africa)