Whether Covid is natural or was created by man, it exists.

If Covid is natural, then Allah sent it upon us as Allah is in control of everything.
If it was made by man, then we’re pawns in their game…(Allah still controls everything and made this possible)

Whatever the above is….. it’s there.. it’s up to us whether we accept being the pawn and go with their flow of taking vaccine, wearing masks, social standing and go along whatever the WHO/Government tells us to do….or….

We rebel, say that its just not fair, its not right, something doesnt feel right, so you can take your precautions, but once you get it, you’re still drawn into the flow by starting with Oxygen, and escalated to Ventilator….whether you come out alive or dead, Covid still drew you in..

If you manage to dodge Covid in round 1, 2 and 3, Allah made it so, make shukr… we don’t know how many more rounds to come…round 3 seems to be more severe than round 1, so who knows whats waiting for us in round 4.

What does one do? for how long are we going to rebel? Whether it’s a worldwide game or Allah’s way of rebooting the earth, we need to ensure that we follow our Shariah set by Qur’an and Sunnah… and if it says in there that we can eat haraam pork to survive, then what argument do we have against taking a halal vaccine for hopeful survival?