The VoIP revolution!initialised

Whilst boarding a flight to Cape Town, a mumbling gentleman browsing away on his iPhone tells me in a German accent that  ‘3G in this country is not fast’.
Thinking back of the days without mobile internet and 3G, I simply smiled at him.

The telecommunications in South Africa is a very (as in local terms) colourful industry. Fortunately, I have walked many steps towards telecommunication freedom being a participant in its growth since the inception of the cellular telephone (Motorola brick size era), and SLIP internet access. I wish back then someone gave me a heads up on what to expect in the industry. I could have invested in one or two ventures which are worth millions today.

I’m here to give you a heads up. Take it or leave it, it’s risk free. I will briefly list this VoIP technology which would surely, with the correct approach, be in the years to come a very profitable value added product to add to your basket of services.

The key word today is  ‘UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS‘.

What’s that, you ask?

In simple terms, it’s the integration of real-time communication services, such as

  • IP Telephony,
  • Video Conferencing,
  • Presence Information,
  • Call Control
  • Instant Messaging (chat)
  • Speech Recognition

As well as non-real-time communication services, also known as  ‘Unified Messaging’ such as

  • Voicemail
  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • Fax

Whilst the list above has been compiled within a group, it is not a single product, but a set of products that  provides a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types.

When you walk into a bank, do you see the clerks updating their ledger books manually? No, they have moved towards the 21st century way of doing business to increase productivity. Your SME and corporate clients need to move away from the conventional method of  ‘tin-can’ telephony.

To our benefit, most competitors are One Dimensional, thinking only of the present. This is how the mighty in the industry have recentl fallen. O-Tel keeps abreast of technology, hence we’re always leading!

Today, clients telephony needs are

  • Simplicity,
  • Flexibility
  • Practicality,
  • Productivity,
  • Low capital investment,
  • Pay only for what you need,
  • Ease of use,
  • Customizable charge plans
  • Mobility
  • Turnkey solution from one provider,
  • No long term contracts
  • Simple Self management
  • Control and setup from anywhere
  • 3rd Party secure hosting
  • Overall saving
  • SIP clients on Cell Phones

Selling points of O-Tel’s 1Cloud PBX service:

1) Latest   and State of the Art Digital PBX Facility
1Cloud provides business customers with a leading edge phone system without the associated capital cost. From day one you will have a system that delivers all the current features plus tomorrows as they become available.

2) The latest technology all the time
1Cloud does not become obsolete. A soon as we introduce new features, we roll them out to our customers, so you won’t have to worry about another large capital equipment upgrade a few years down the road.

3) Pay As You Grow
With 1Cloud, there is no penalty to start small and then add  €œseats € to the system as you grow, as you only pay for the seats you need on a monthly basis.

4) Reduce Trunk Line costs
Renting trunk lines from Telkom is expensive for most organisations that rely on voice for both internal communications and customer interaction. Trunk line rental is a significant part of monthly overhead cost. Reduce this overhead cost by centralizing your digital trunks.

5) Reduce Call Costs
While saving on calls is no longer the primary driver for adopting 1Cloud VoIP, it can be a prime factor for organisations that have multiple offices requiring frequent voice communication, so not having to pay for that communication can reduce a large amount from an organisation’s operational budget.

6) Instant Communication and Collaboration
1Cloud VoIP improves productivity and the ability to collaborate remotely by creating direct links between teleworkers and office-based workers with the click of a mouse – a “workplace without borders.”

7) Seamless Teleworker Connectivity
The 1Cloud system makes it easy to integrate teleworkers into the business telephone system through their own broadband connections. In addition, your customers will be able to reach your teleworkers through your corporate switchboard, regardless of where the worker is physically located.

8 ) Respond More Quickly to Customers
With the 1Cloud system, companies can improve customer communication by providing them with VoIP telephones that allow them to contact your sales and service departments directly, free.

9) Cut Move, Addition and Change Costs
Every time your company moves, adds, or changes a conventional telephone connection, it costs money. With 1Cloud, your network configuration is software programmable and its voice signals are carried over your business LAN so you can administer the changes yourself.

10) Your Number Moves With You
Unlike traditional numbers, you can take your number with you, down the road, to another town, or even another country as the system is not dependent upon your geographic location.

Now that you know what Unified Communications is about and how to sell it, you will be glad to know that the service is provided at wholesale. You begin with a free monthly service, and upgrade as you require, customizing your strategy and paying for only what you

Now that you know what Unified Communications is about and how to sell it, you will be glad to know that the service is provided at wholesale. You begin with a free monthly service, and upgrade as you require, customizing your strategy and paying for only what you need.

See the pricing below:

LIMITS Retail Wholesale
clients 2
phone extensions 3 10
public concurrent calls 2 6
internal concurrent calls 2 8
Once-Off Setup Fee R 99 R 499
Minimum Monthly Airtime Spend R 100 R 5 000
Monthly Fee
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EXTRAS (monthly   rental) Retail Wholesale
Client Accounts R 10
Phone Extensions R 30 R150 /10 pack
DiD (telephone number) R 20 R 10
IVR extensions R 70 R149 / 5 pack
conference extensions R 100 R99 / 2 pack
callback extensions (5 cIDs) R 50 R 25
callback callerIDs  (10 cIDs) R 50 R 25
intercom/paging extensions R 25 R 15
queue members  (5 Qs) R 25 R 15
queue extensions  (10 Qs) R 25 R 15
queue login center extensions (5 Qs) R 25 R 15
voicemail center extension R 100 R 50
mailbox (2MB per box) R 15 R50 / 5 pack
disk space for voicemail  (per 10MB) R 25 R 10
disk space for call recording (per 50MB) R 500 R 300
disk space for sound files  (per 10MB) R 25 R 10
disk space for music on hold files  (per 10MB) R 25 R 10
disk space for received faxes  (per 10MB) R 25 R 10
Uncapped 512kbps account (your ADSL Line) R 379 R 299
CALL RATES Retail Wholesale
Land Line R 0.49 POA
Mobile Call R 1.25 POA
Land Line Connect Fee 30 seconds POA
Billing Type Per second POA
All prices exclude VAT

Jump onto the bandwagon immediately and benefit from the future of telephony!